Where is the sports apparel for woman?

If you are a woman who loves to follow professional sports, you know all too well how difficult it is to find sports swag for your favorite team which is actually designed FOR a woman. Why does it seem like for every team I follow, I can choose between a plain colored t-shirt or maybe if I am lucky, a pink tank top (when will designers realize that not all woman love pink?). Luckily for us woman, the trend is changing thanks to new clothing lines from Alyssa Milano and Victoria Secret who are hoping to cash in on providing us woman some actually fashionable gear.


Last year, Victoria Secret released a clothing line as part of their’ Pink’ Series releasing all types of gear from panties to hoodies. Best of all, it actually looked GOOD and was made with quality which is something that was both surprising and refreshing. The other nice bonus was that you had a variety of option now as to where to purchase the items. You could buy the clothes online at the MLB Shop or on the Victoria Secret website. Or if online shopping isn’t for you, you could pick up your gear at any MLB shop or Victoria Secret store. I’ll be honest, the first time I walked into Victoria Secret and saw a pair of New York Yankees underwear hanging on the wall, I was pretty much blown away.

This year, woman sports fans are being further treated to the design work of actress turned designer Alyssa Milano. Milano founded a brand new line known as ‘Touch,’ which she has managed to build into quite the empire. Negotiating the rights to use the logos of pretty much every major sporting league in North American, Milano has released clothes for woman based on teams from the MLB, NFL, Nascar and even college sports. If you are a woman purchasing sportswear of your favorite team, chances are it’s probably an Alyssa Milano design. Again, much like the Victoria Secret products, you will find her work in MLB shops, at the stadium and a number of different online avenues.

And as mentioned earlier, anybody can MAKE clothes but it takes a truly talented designer to make clothes that fashionable woman want to wear. Milano has done this very well offering good quality clothes which still manage to look hot.

As a life long sports fan, I know I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wear my husbands dirty Green Bay Packers hoodie to show my support.

Dressing Up My Girls

I like the product line offered by Milano so much that I bought my woman’s recreational slo-pitch team uniforms online from the ‘Touch,’ line. The shirts along with our brand new softball bats will allow us to not only hit ball far, but will also have us looking like the most fashionable team on the field.