Is it Fashionable to be Extremely Skinny?

skinny woman

Does size really matter? Media plays a significant part in the body dissatisfaction of both men and women. Being extremely skinny is now the goal of almost everyone. Portrayal of skinniness as a desirable trait and protagonist in media are skinny, desirable, beautiful and successful. Because of that, being skinny is now the standard for everyone and perceived as very fashionable. If you are skinny, you can wear clothes that you wanted. And also, they’ll get praises instead of negative comments from the society. Since skinny is the new trend and regarded as the new sexy, almost everyone are trying their best to achieve the size they really wanted.

Want to be skinny without starving? When your goal is to be really skinny, you should be always focused every step of the way. Furthermore, you should always put on your mind your goal and the right steps on how to achieve it.

Eat less and exercise more

Your goal is to burn more calories than what you actually consume in a day. Reducing your caloric intake by cutting portion sizes is a great start to achieve your goal. To keep track on your intake of calories you should read the labels on everything you eat. Also, eating small meals and snacks throughout the day helps in keeping your metabolism fast and preventing your body in storing extra fat. Always remember that exercise burns calories so if one pound is equal to 3500 calories, you should burn 3500 calories more than you consume in order to lose 1 pound.

Stop eating 2 hours before you sleep

Your metabolism slows down while you are sleeping so you shouldn’t eat 2 hours before sleeping to prevent gaining extra calorie.

Do not skip meals

Skipping meals gets you to a starvation mode which causes your body to store extra fat. Eating four or five times a day is actually better than eating two to three large meals a day. This is because your body your body will have more time digesting he food you consumed. You can also try eating smaller meals with in between snacks. In that way, your metabolism is working throughout the day. Healthy snacks in between meals include a piece of fruit, a nutrition bar, a cup of yogurt, or small salad with dressings. You can also try green smoothies during your snacks. Most of these smoothies are simple to make and you can use your preferred vegetable. Recipes for these are very accessible in the net. Also, you can ask at the nearest appliance store what is the best food processor for smoothies so you can make your own

Drink plenty of water

Your body often confuses hunger and thirst. There are times that you are craving for food but you are not actually hungry, that could mean that your body is dehydrated. Remember that should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins

These foods are rich in nutrient and gives the proper nourishment that your body needs without filling up one extra calorie. Switching white bread to whole grain is a good start. Also, cut out empty calories from pasta, alcohol, sugary foods, and bread. Learn more about the benefits of fruits and vegetables by clicking here.

Although cutting out calories is a big part in achieving your goal you should still take into consider the needs of your body. To sustain yourself you should take at least 1200 calories a day. If you note that you are experiencing decreased muscle mass, difficulty in staying warm, your immune response is slower, hair loss, and difficulty breathing you can consult our doctor you might experiencing malnutrition.

You should always take into consideration your health if your going through various steps to achieving a skinny look. Remember that your health is way more important than your goal. You also should ask your doctor first especially if your have history of health problems.

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