Natural Makeup Tips

Natural makeup is a smart look when choosing cosmetics because it shows your true beauty. Although trends at times suggest that gobs of heavy eye shadow and bright red lips are attractive, the real trick to applying makeup is to make others think you aren’t wearing any at all.

Chances are when you think of “natural” colors, the first colors that come to mind are not neon green, electric blue or blood red. Your instincts are correct. For natural makeup, earth tones are your primary color palette. This includes beige, brown, bronze and copper. The trick is to stay as close to what nature gave you when it comes to your cosmetic choices, which means glitter, gloss

y eye shadows and heavy black eye liner are out as well. In stead, start with a color palette of earth tones such as beige, brown, bronze, copper and pink. If you have a medium to light skin tone, use a brown shadow to contour your eyes, but stay away black eyeliner. A pink cream blush can be added to the cheeks for a rosy hue, or a bronzing powder can be used in this area to highlight your cheekbones. These colors work on all skin tones. The finishing touch is a pink or nude lip for medium to light skin tones, and a subtle mauve tone for dark skin tones.

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