French Manicure

Do you wish to own gorgeously looking nails on your fingers? Or, do you want those professionally looking nails, with pale red base and very bright whitish tips? Did you ever feel that owning such fantastic nails was almost impossible? Hold on! With some sound practice and dedication, you can also enjoy fancy looking nails throughout the year, for only the fraction of a cost of your nail polish! French manicure represents a new breed of creating wonderfully colored and stunningly vibrant nails. Don’t get surprised to know that French manicure is a famous procedure that is sought after by thousands of women all over the world.

French manicure procedures offer you endless possibilities and a bewildering array of options to make your nails look absolutely wonderful! Based on your personal wishes, a manicure specialist may give your nails a process of intense conditioning and workout, before painting them with gorgeous colors. Most possibly, you’re given two choices- one by painting your nail tips with a fake color, so that you can sport a unique look, and the other by painting your nails alone, to provide a subtle touch to your hands. However, you may need to visit your beautician repeatedly to get your French tips refilled when the nails grow considerably long.

French Manicure

French Manicure

Here are some of the necessary prerequisites that are required to get French manicure on your nails:

  • Longer and healthier nails is an absolute must,
  • Clean nails devoid of any dirt and residues

You can do your French manicure in your own home by using the following simple procedure:

  • Wipe off all old nail polish residue by using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.
  • Wash your hands in warm water and soak for about two or three minutes.
  • Gently push back all the cuticles, so that they are even with each other, and also remove any hidden dirt from your nails.
  • Shape and clip your nails to make them look similar.
  • With a delicate touch of brush, paint only the top tip of your nails with a white colored paint and allow it to dry for some time.
  • Once the tips dry out, paint the rest of the nail surface with a pale pink or red color.
  • Check that the tip and the rest of the nail is given another coat of paint.
  • Dry the painted nails completely.
  • You may wish to renew the painting procedure every night, so that the nails look vibrantly fresh throughout the day.

You can even create a wonderfully matching French manicure effect by painting your toe nails with matching colors! Purchase your own French manicure kit by buying a good unit that contains a vial each of white and pale pink paints. French manicure is best carried out when you do not have any pressing work schedule, and when you are absolutely free. French manicure is currently a craze among millions of women and most of them die for a set of wonderfully created French manicured nails! Join the club now!