Makeup Concealer

Many of us are rather confused and puzzled as to why a Makeup Concealer is used and how it is used to hide our makeup. You may also be keen to know how to choose the best one that can serve your purpose. Makeup Concealer is usually used to conceal the circles and puffiness around your eyes. These products are also used to conceal those ugly looking tattoos and bruises. Though there are hundreds of concealers are available in a shop and it is almost difficult to choose the best one among them. If you’re not careful enough you may end up in selecting a terribly wrong concealer that may even inflate the existing problem! As a result, you may want to learn and know everything that is there to Makeup concealers.

One of the most common problems that many women do is to completely cover and conceal dark circles with a light colored concealer. Unfortunately, this may compound the problem as the concealer chosen may be just out of tune on your eyes. The correct way to apply a concealer is to apply a dark colored over circles and make them look natural on your face.

Some Tips for Using and Choosing the Best Make Up Concealer

  1. Before using, try the color of the makeup concealer over the makeup foundation and this will give you a fair idea whether to proceed with the concealer or not. To start with, you can start off with a shade lower than the dark circle.
  2. Start applying the concealer by applying it on the inner half of the circle, under the lower eyelid and avoid applying on the entire eye area. By partial application, you need not dab on the rest of the circle even if scratches appear near your eyes.
  3. Even the best eye makeup concealer may look really heavy; mix it with some eye cream to make it thinner and flexible.
  4. The best eye makeup concealer that can be used for better results is the one with very fine particles. Paint the concealer just below the bag, so that the shadows are covered completely.
  5. Avoid using hemorrhoid type of cream to flatten the bag size, unless it is absolutely needed.
  6. Color corrector should be applied only under the foundation, and must be in minute quantities, even when you are using the best eye makeup concealer.
  7. Randomly working with many colors is better idea and it may give you very good results,
  8. In extreme cases of large amount of puffiness and circles, you can use hemorrhoid cream, but very sparingly and once in a while.
  9. Never apply makeup concealers when you are suffering from acne or rosacea. Consult your physician before applying a concealer.

Best eye makeup concealer comes in many forms like creams, compacts and liquids. Ben Nye and Mehron are the well-known brands in the market today and you may also look for your own brand by surfing through the manufacturer’s web sites and beauty shops in your neighborhood.


Apply Stick Concealer - Step by Step

Apply Stick Concealer – Step by Step