Lip Gloss

Beautiful women look prettier when they apply an attractively shaded lip gloss on their lovely lips! The innate beauty of lips gets accentuated when you apply a good quality lip gloss that is delicately colored and smoothly textured. These wonderfully shaded glosses will also make your lips look younger and fuller. The main purpose of using a lip gloss is to lend subtle corrections to your lips and also to provide a healing touch to choppy looking lips.

Lips gloss is also called “Lip Shine”, and it comes in many hues of colors and shades- some are bold, while the others are pastel in color. Some of them are exotic green in color while many others are sexy pink in tone! These can be applied either over your lipstick or as a lonely application for more natural and bolder look. They can also last for a long time and could be highly water resistant.

Lip gloss comes in conveniently usable tubes or highly practical pots, and provides an enduringly attractive look to your face. If you’ve a pair of very thin lips, you may as well give a fuller and complete appearance to them by applying a sweetly shaded lip shine. On the flipside, if you’re a woman with a thick pair of lips, then you may be cautious while applying lip shades as they make you look a bit artificial and ugly.


Glossy Lip

Glossy Lip

Here are some of the most common advantages of using a lip shade:

  1. A light, but pronounced film of Chap Stick shade over your lips not only protects and heals them, but also helps the lip color to set correctly and more effectively.
  2. Dusting lip gloss powder can make your lips look naturally clean and this application will not melt easily,
  3. To lend that extra pleasing look to your lips, you may wish to color the lips, and take off those extra layers of color by using a find blotting paper, and then apply a thin layer of lip shade to set the color layers firmly on the lips.
  4. A slight dab of fine tissue paper laced with lip shade powder will provide a greater shine on the lips,
  5. Lip lacquers are colorful lip liquids and these are available in your favorite beauty care shops. Lip lacquers are used when you want garish and pronounced lips for stage shows and glamour events,

Here are some practical tips for applying lip gloss:

  • If you want to make your lips look fuller and firmer, apply the gloss on the center of the mouth,
  • Always avoid matte lipsticks from over drying and flaking by using a good lip primer or a preservative,
  • Do you want to look bold and sexy? Special effects and accented highlights are achieved by using boldly colored silver, gold or luminescent gloss over your primary lip color.
  • For special evening parties and events, use something that is subtle, yet well defined. Match the gloss color to that of your evening dress,
  • Choose a lip shine enriched with Vitamin E. But make sure that you use lip balm before applying lipsticks so that you can retain the moisture on your lip layers, while providing much needed nourishment for a healthy looking pair of lips,
  • If you want make your lips look wet and moist, first use a good creamy lipstick and later add a convenient lip gloss that has the character of lending a wet and moist feeling.

If you want to impart magical effects to your lips, make sure that you use a good lip gloss that is organic in composition, and devoid of any harsh synthetic chemicals. Buy a good lip gloss today, and make yourself attractive and presentable to your friends and colleagues.