Retro Hairstyles Back In Style


The 1960s were memorable for a huge number of things, some good and some maybe not so much! Women’s hairstyles became very distinctive and sometimes complex and many of these styles have come back into popularity in recent times.

Bird’s nest bun

Hairstyles from the 1960s even had wild names like the bird’s nest bun. You envision going out to buy a top bird house for sale and persuading a feathered friend to build a nest in it then wear it on your head. The reality is a bit different: the bird’s best bun is a simple bun style, which is slightly unkempt yet very elegant. It is more sophisticated than a mere top-knot and is worn by stars such as Sienna Miller.

Yet despite the complicated look of the style, top stylists have given a few simple tips to accomplish this and it is surprisingly easy:

  1. Spritz your hair with some kind of volumising spray then dry it using a flat brush. Direct the roots of your hair towards the area where you want the bun to be positioned
  2. Gather your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head with a band of bungee cord
  3. Loosely twist your hair into a bun and secure it there with pins, using a medium hold spray to keep it where you put it
  4. Leave a few wispy strands out of the bun for the ‘fresh’ look or add a little fly-away control spray with a toothbrush for the sleek appearance

Go to http://classroom.synonym.com/different-types-buns-7589.html to learn how to do different types of bun?

Beehive hairdo

Mention beehive hairdo and the mind come up with images of honey and flying insects and…no nothing like that. The beehive was another typical 1960s hairstyle that can be current and fashionable today. And by the number of TV stars who seem to be adopting the style, it is definitely a current trend. Here’s an easy step by step guide to achieving it. Don’t try this method until about two days after you have washed your hair or it won’t work!

  1. Divide your hair roughly along the line of the top of your ears and clip the top section out of the way.
  2. Pin the bottom into a French twist or similar style and give it a good spritz of hairspray
  3. Divide the top section into three, the two at either side being the smaller ones. Backcomb the middle section first and don’t worry if you are a bit enthusiastic at this stage
  4. Do the same with the other two sides but on a less scale so the majority of volume is in the middle
  5. Take a comb and mould the beehive into the shape you wish it to be in then tie all the loose ends in with a grip
  6. Tidy up with a comb to get everything lying as you want it them add a good spray of hairspray to keep everything in place

These styles might not be perfect for everyone and if you have very thick hair, the beehive particularly might not be the best idea. But there are also loads of other retro styles out there from the 1960s and other time periods which might be just perfect for you. Experiment!

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