Bleeding Mascara

What has bleeding mascara got to do with Atreyu? It may really surprise you, for those who don’t know, that Atreyu Bleeding Mascara is a hit song number by a popular band Atreyu. Well, those who have read the novel by Michael Ende, or seen the movie version of Never Ending Story shot in 1980s, will fondly remember the movie character Atreyu. Atreyu’s character is built as a ‘meta fictional’ entity, which becomes acutely fictional, even as he exists in real life. But how does this movie character relate in any way to the rock band’s song number?

The Atreyu number devotes and reserves the best mascara rank there is, to the bleeding mascara, in narrating how beautiful a girl is. But the underlying, important story is the acute feeling of dejection, following the heart break caused to the singer from the girl in the story. He narrates the song this: “Now there is no beauty in bleeding mascara. Her lips are quivering like a withering rose, she’s back again.”   That is quite heartbreak! The song continues on to high pitched theatrical tenor accusing the girl of many disappointing things, for deserting the singer midway, and so goes the whole story. But the point it makes, shows us that it has represented the society’s conviction that bleeding mascara is probably the best mascara. So much to the Atreyu Bleeding Mascara!

Blic Mascara

Blic Mascara

Blinc Mascara In Pursuit Of Excellence and enduring Greatness!   Bleeding Mascaras can easily be applied to both the eye lashes but for perceived different looks. Mascara applied to lower lashes gives you a wide eye look, while upper lashes provide a heavy lidded look. Blinc mascara has a self-anointed mission to create exceptionally safety standards for all mascaras, and as a result become a meaningful corporate entity. Picking up the cue from the growing dissatisfaction over the paint based mascaras, surprisingly including some of the best known mascara brands the Blinc mascara refrains and controls itself from using artificial paints in its composition. Once well set, Blinc mascara becomes a water resistant covering, around your eye lashes that does not form clump, flakes, or even stays without smudging for many hours.

The best mascara comes in forms like liquid, cake and paste, made from ingredients like wax, water, film formers and thickeners, for a very formal emphasis to eye lashes, when applied through specialized mascara applicators. Mascara applicators are available in tube forms and wand brush forms.

A Few Practical Tips to Use Bleeding Mascara

• Try applying mascara to lash base for a thicker and fuller look, while this also creates an illusion of longer lashes.

• Use a clean mascara brush that is gentle and smooth. This prevents blobs from forming over the lashes even after you are wearing the best mascara.

• Use thin and shorter brushes for better control and reach which will be difficult with longer and stouter brushes.

• Blinking a few times onto the brush gives a better final coat.

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