Which Beard Style Should Your Guy Be Sporting?

man with beardWomen obsess over the right hair and make-up, our clothes and accessories. Yet our most telling accessory is on our arm. That’s right, how our guy looks is just as important as how we do. If your guy is one who loves sporting a beard, it’s up to you to make sure that it is a stylish one.

It really is up to the girl in his life to make sure that a man’s beard looks fantastic. Check online for the different types of beard trimmers available and then make one of those the next gift you give him. Don’t forget a high quality beard oil to go with his trimmer. These help in keeping the beard looking neat, while moisturizing it at the same time.

If your man has a square shaped face he needs to be coaxed into a beard style that rounds out his chin. A light peach-fuzz like beard style is best, but all over. Just direct him to let it grow out for a couple of weeks, and then use the beard trimmer to shorten it. Help him to shape it nice around the mouth with a razor. Even though it is short, make sure that you ingrain in him the habit of applying beard balm daily to keep that sleek look.

If his face is oblong or rectangular it is likely angular at the jawline and the right beard can help soften those lines. A style that mirrors a five o’clock shadow will not only accomplish this but also create the illusion that the face is more rounded instead of rectangular. Have him grow a slightly scruffy looking beard and apply beard balm daily. He can use the trimmer every few days to keep the shape. Allowing it to grow too long, especially in the chin area, will only make the face appear longer.

A round face on a man can look feminine if you are not careful, especially if his features are small. A well styled circle beard is the best way to make his face more masculine. This is where a mustache rounds the mouth and connects with a short beard on the chin. The jaw and neck should still be shaved smooth every day, but use he can use the beard trimmer to get those sharp lines around the round beard that will make the face appear more manly.

No matter where you let your man take you, you always want him looking his best. Help him to learn how to take care of his facial hair, and you will always have the best looking accessory on your arm.