Stage Makeup

When you hear someone talk about makeup in entertainment industry, the common term you could across will be about the stage makeup and its importance in the success of stage performances. More often stage makeup is entirely different from that of everyday makeup and is full of many complexities and risks. Considering various theatre forms and other factors, stage makeup is a challenging task that is faced by many beauticians.

Is stage makeup different from normal makeup? Yes, it is entirely different! The fundamental reason for stage makeup is to highlight ones’ facial features, so that they appear and be prominent on the stage, even from long distances and over bright or colored or even dark lights provided on the stage. With out good stage makeup , a stage artist will just drown in the glaring, white light! Stage makeup is considered very important to the success of stage performance, especially in the Oriental and Middle East countries. Stage makeup is an absolute necessity and a demanding ritual, whether a stage artist likes it or not!

Stage Makeup

Stage Makeup

One of the most famous stage makeup methods is the Ben Nye Stage Makeup, a branded stage makeup process and a complicated procedure. A clear industry leader in theatrical makeup in the United States Ben Nye stage makeup products are recalled for their consistency, subtlety and intensity of color and reliability. These products are commonly used all over the world. So what is so special about Ben Nye Stage makeup that others find it hard to match? Just a visit to their home page would tell you why the brand is so much sought after.

As you are aware, Ben Nye was a famous Hollywood makeup artist with over 350 movies to his credit. Ben, after retiring from Hollywood, he established this company sometime during 1967. To his great credit, Ben has introduced more than 200 innovatively new products. Now, Dana Nye, his son continues his everlasting legacy and is the CEO of Ben Nye Stage makeup company. It is their product range that really enthuses and excites you! Right from historical and mythical story enactment to the modern day story, and from rural backdrop to urban setting, they provide you everything in stage makeup ! Wigs, beards and moustaches are their specialty and usually find a special, prominent place on their website.


Choose your stage costumes and make up needs by the name of characters, the story line or even by size of the actor that is enacting or playing the said character. You can buy or rent them through their web site itself. Ben Nye Stage Makeup Company can ship its products to anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada.

Some broadly classified product range for stage makeup by Ben Nye Stage Makeup Company is:

  • Fantasy makeup and clown makeup,
  • Horrors, special effects and characters,
  • Old age makeup, theatres and fountains,
  • Beauty make ups, supplies and removers,

One can never care to ignore Ben Nye Stage makeup kits and your needs for stage makeup are satisfied by this wonderful firm, be it a simple age old costume or a modern day outfit. Ben Nye stage makeup kits understand your mind and provide you whatever you require.

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