Prescriptives Makeup

Prescriptives makeup is like no other brand on the market, because it is one of the first companies to make custom cosmetics available to the public. They use a system called Colorprint in order to create cosmetics that match your skin to a tee. How the Colorprint system works is when you visit one of their stores, one of their custom blend analysts will test your skin using four neutral shades which will determine what your skins undertone is. Everyone falls into one of four categories: yellow/orange, red/orange, red or blue/red. Once this is determined, the analyst will hand blend a foundation for you, or you can order your cosmetics online.

Your custom choices aren’t only limited to foundation; prescriptives makeup has an entire product line that can be tweaked to your liking. For instance, if foundation isn’t your thing, they also have powder, pressed powder, concealer and creams to even out your skin tone. They also have several product lines, such as Virtual Matte for those with oily skin, Flawless skin, which protects skin from the sun with an added SPF, and Virtual Lift which helps against signs of aging.

Prescriptives Makeup

Prescriptives Makeup

Foundation is an important part of a woman’s makeup regimen, but the fun part is all about color. Prescriptions definitely doesn’t ignore the lips, eyes and cheeks. Their Colorprint system comes in handy when ordering non custom items; each shade is created for one of the four categories, and is labeled as such. Their line of lip care includes their limited edition Out of this World lip collection, which is a series of chromatic glosses, Modernista, a lightweight lip stick, Moonbeam, a shimmery and reflective gloss, Tint Balm which comes in a tube and Moonbeam Extreme, an intensely shiny lip gloss. As far as blush goes, they offer their best selling blush Colorscope, which has a smooth application, two creamy blushes called Sheen Cream and Creamy Cheekcolor, and four ways to bronze your skin, which come in a gel, a loose powder, and two pressed powders. Last but not least, we come to the eyes, which is their largest product line by far with 17 different items. Many of their shadows mirror their glosses and blushes; Moonbeam and Colorscope make an appearance here as well.

Prescriptives knows that giving your makeup a good canvas is just as important as the cosmetics itself, do in addition to makeup they also have a skincare line. This line takes care of any problem you may have, weather it be oily or dry skin, aging skin, discoloration, acne or sun damage. At prescriptives, no one is ignored: this is a brand that caters to every skin color and skin type. Their products are available over the counter, and online at Nordstrom.com and their official website Prescriptives.com

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