French Manicure

Do you wish to own gorgeously looking nails on your fingers? Or, do you want those professionally looking nails, with pale red base and very bright whitish tips? Did you ever feel that owning such fantastic nails was almost impossible? Hold on! With some sound practice and dedication, you can also enjoy fancy looking nails throughout the year, for only the fraction of a cost of your nail polish! French manicure represents a new breed of creating wonderfully colored and stunningly vibrant nails. Don’t get surprised to know that French manicure is a famous procedure that is sought after by thousands of women all over the world.

French manicure procedures offer you endless possibilities and a bewildering array of options to make your nails look absolutely wonderful! Based on your personal wishes, a manicure specialist may give your nails a process of intense conditioning and workout, before painting them with gorgeous colors. Most possibly, you’re given two choices- one by painting your nail tips with a fake color, so that you can sport a unique look, and the other by painting your nails alone, to provide a subtle touch to your hands. However, you may need to visit your beautician repeatedly to get your French tips refilled when the nails grow considerably long.

French Manicure

French Manicure

Here are some of the necessary prerequisites that are required to get French manicure on your nails:

  • Longer and healthier nails is an absolute must,
  • Clean nails devoid of any dirt and residues

You can do your French manicure in your own home by using the following simple procedure:

  • Wipe off all old nail polish residue by using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.
  • Wash your hands in warm water and soak for about two or three minutes.
  • Gently push back all the cuticles, so that they are even with each other, and also remove any hidden dirt from your nails.
  • Shape and clip your nails to make them look similar.
  • With a delicate touch of brush, paint only the top tip of your nails with a white colored paint and allow it to dry for some time.
  • Once the tips dry out, paint the rest of the nail surface with a pale pink or red color.
  • Check that the tip and the rest of the nail is given another coat of paint.
  • Dry the painted nails completely.
  • You may wish to renew the painting procedure every night, so that the nails look vibrantly fresh throughout the day.

You can even create a wonderfully matching French manicure effect by painting your toe nails with matching colors! Purchase your own French manicure kit by buying a good unit that contains a vial each of white and pale pink paints. French manicure is best carried out when you do not have any pressing work schedule, and when you are absolutely free. French manicure is currently a craze among millions of women and most of them die for a set of wonderfully created French manicured nails! Join the club now!


Bleeding Mascara

What has bleeding mascara got to do with Atreyu? It may really surprise you, for those who don’t know, that Atreyu Bleeding Mascara is a hit song number by a popular band Atreyu. Well, those who have read the novel by Michael Ende, or seen the movie version of Never Ending Story shot in 1980s, will fondly remember the movie character Atreyu. Atreyu’s character is built as a ‘meta fictional’ entity, which becomes acutely fictional, even as he exists in real life. But how does this movie character relate in any way to the rock band’s song number?

The Atreyu number devotes and reserves the best mascara rank there is, to the bleeding mascara, in narrating how beautiful a girl is. But the underlying, important story is the acute feeling of dejection, following the heart break caused to the singer from the girl in the story. He narrates the song this: “Now there is no beauty in bleeding mascara. Her lips are quivering like a withering rose, she’s back again.”   That is quite heartbreak! The song continues on to high pitched theatrical tenor accusing the girl of many disappointing things, for deserting the singer midway, and so goes the whole story. But the point it makes, shows us that it has represented the society’s conviction that bleeding mascara is probably the best mascara. So much to the Atreyu Bleeding Mascara!

Blic Mascara

Blic Mascara

Blinc Mascara In Pursuit Of Excellence and enduring Greatness!   Bleeding Mascaras can easily be applied to both the eye lashes but for perceived different looks. Mascara applied to lower lashes gives you a wide eye look, while upper lashes provide a heavy lidded look. Blinc mascara has a self-anointed mission to create exceptionally safety standards for all mascaras, and as a result become a meaningful corporate entity. Picking up the cue from the growing dissatisfaction over the paint based mascaras, surprisingly including some of the best known mascara brands the Blinc mascara refrains and controls itself from using artificial paints in its composition. Once well set, Blinc mascara becomes a water resistant covering, around your eye lashes that does not form clump, flakes, or even stays without smudging for many hours.

The best mascara comes in forms like liquid, cake and paste, made from ingredients like wax, water, film formers and thickeners, for a very formal emphasis to eye lashes, when applied through specialized mascara applicators. Mascara applicators are available in tube forms and wand brush forms.

A Few Practical Tips to Use Bleeding Mascara

• Try applying mascara to lash base for a thicker and fuller look, while this also creates an illusion of longer lashes.

• Use a clean mascara brush that is gentle and smooth. This prevents blobs from forming over the lashes even after you are wearing the best mascara.

• Use thin and shorter brushes for better control and reach which will be difficult with longer and stouter brushes.

• Blinking a few times onto the brush gives a better final coat.

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Face Make Up Powder Brush

Have you ever wondered why you should use face makeup powder brush when you can use the puff itself! There are several advantages and benefits of using a face makeup powder brush. First it is its natural advantage. It has many edges over the conventional puffs, no matter how fine textured they are! There seems to be an ever growing popularity for this wonderful makeup tool.

More or less all face makeup powder brushes are made of wooden handles. Added to this, there is a ferrule which holds brush hairs, which is usually made from aluminum and anodized in a matching color for long lasting life. Apart from this, what distinguish a face make up powder brush are the hairs used to make it, its construction and size. Hairs are sourced from various animal skins and the most common ones are that sourced from squirrel, either as blended or mixed, ponies, goats, sable & red sable Badger. In some cases, manufacturers use artificial and synthetic hairs in their brushes.

As the quality of the hairs used in these brushes matter the most, other factors like packaging and looks do not matter at all! However, you may even find Taklon brushes used as foundation brushes. There are enough reasons to choose a face makeup powder brush over synthetic brush. The most important of benefit of using a natural brush is its ability to hold the moisture and its capability to provide a neat brushing effect. Sometimes, nylon brushes are also used as an alternative to costlier natural brushes. Ferrules have the capability to fasten the hairs of face make up powder brushes to the handles of the tool. The ferrules are generally made up of aluminum and copper and are double crimped to avoid those painful edges. Occasionally, you may find a face make up powder brush made of brass ferrule which is harder than many other materials.

How To Apply Evening Makeup With Brush

How To Apply Evening Makeup With Brush

There are many varieties of powder brushes to choose from. What guides your buying decision is their utility and usage. You can effectively use a slant face makeup powder brush for applying cheek colors, while it is easy to pick up and spread powder with slant tip brushes. Large powder brushes are ideal for running loose powder finish effects. You can also use “shimmer sprinkle” brushes by dabbing them onto your face to provide a small amount of shimmer and glitter.

How to Choose a Good Face Make up Powder Brush?

  1. Look for its hairs. Natural hairs give a better feel and scratch-free finish. Mink, sable and squirrel hairs are the finest and expensive.
  2. Cut of hairs matter. Cut hairs are the softest and cruelty free.
  3. Shape and density counts important as well. These can decide where you use them and how often.

You may have a big assortment of different cosmetics, but a collection of face make up powder brush kits will provide you the ultimate benefit in the cosmetics. Try now


Makeup Concealer

Many of us are rather confused and puzzled as to why a Makeup Concealer is used and how it is used to hide our makeup. You may also be keen to know how to choose the best one that can serve your purpose. Makeup Concealer is usually used to conceal the circles and puffiness around your eyes. These products are also used to conceal those ugly looking tattoos and bruises. Though there are hundreds of concealers are available in a shop and it is almost difficult to choose the best one among them. If you’re not careful enough you may end up in selecting a terribly wrong concealer that may even inflate the existing problem! As a result, you may want to learn and know everything that is there to Makeup concealers.

One of the most common problems that many women do is to completely cover and conceal dark circles with a light colored concealer. Unfortunately, this may compound the problem as the concealer chosen may be just out of tune on your eyes. The correct way to apply a concealer is to apply a dark colored over circles and make them look natural on your face.

Some Tips for Using and Choosing the Best Make Up Concealer

  1. Before using, try the color of the makeup concealer over the makeup foundation and this will give you a fair idea whether to proceed with the concealer or not. To start with, you can start off with a shade lower than the dark circle.
  2. Start applying the concealer by applying it on the inner half of the circle, under the lower eyelid and avoid applying on the entire eye area. By partial application, you need not dab on the rest of the circle even if scratches appear near your eyes.
  3. Even the best eye makeup concealer may look really heavy; mix it with some eye cream to make it thinner and flexible.
  4. The best eye makeup concealer that can be used for better results is the one with very fine particles. Paint the concealer just below the bag, so that the shadows are covered completely.
  5. Avoid using hemorrhoid type of cream to flatten the bag size, unless it is absolutely needed.
  6. Color corrector should be applied only under the foundation, and must be in minute quantities, even when you are using the best eye makeup concealer.
  7. Randomly working with many colors is better idea and it may give you very good results,
  8. In extreme cases of large amount of puffiness and circles, you can use hemorrhoid cream, but very sparingly and once in a while.
  9. Never apply makeup concealers when you are suffering from acne or rosacea. Consult your physician before applying a concealer.

Best eye makeup concealer comes in many forms like creams, compacts and liquids. Ben Nye and Mehron are the well-known brands in the market today and you may also look for your own brand by surfing through the manufacturer’s web sites and beauty shops in your neighborhood.


Apply Stick Concealer - Step by Step

Apply Stick Concealer – Step by Step


Makeup Mirror

One of the critical tools needed when applying skin care creams and cosmetics is the makeup mirror: mirror has been the inseparable part of a woman’s life for hundreds of years and a day doesn’t pass without you glancing at a makeup mirror. It also serves as an invaluable tool to assist us in presenting ourselves in an affable manner to our friends and colleagues. It also offers several benefits and uses like:

  • By using a good makeup mirror , you can create a flawless and aristocratic appearance,
  • Help you instill a sense of confidence in yourself to face people and colleagues with courage,
  • It is also a real-life mirror that reflects your life and aspirations.

There are several types of makeup mirrors available depending on the existing situations and requirements. Some of these mirrors are:

  • Fully integrated mirrors: These form an integral part of your makeup case or vanity set. Usually very small and compact, these mirrors are appropriate for very quick makeup touches, or to see that your makeup remains presentable to public. However, after long usage this mirror will get smudged with makeup residues or become clouded due to ageing.
  • Accessory mirrors sold along with the makeup kit: These small, yet attractive mirrors are sold separately from the makeup case, but form an important makeup accessory for any beautiful woman. Though they are not really sufficient enough for an extensive use, they make good travel and reviewing companions.
  • Ultra Compact, Handheld mirrors: A versatile makeup mirror , this serves as an extra mirror to help you verify and check cosmetics and its application on your face. This can be used to inspect your face from all critical angles, and serves as a supplementary mirror in conjunction with a stationary mirror.
  • Stationary or Sedentary Mirror: These are sophisticated mirrors that have adjustable stands and swivel bases. They are convenient to use and easy to adjust, and provide the user with a very good makeup experience. This mirror allows a woman to use her hands while applying makeup, which eliminates the problem of fumbling with makeup kits.
  • Magnifying and Enhancing mirrors: If you’re looking for very fine and refined makeup procedures, then you will find immense use with this versatile mirror. Magnifying mirrors can help you cover all fine blemishes and spots on your face or fill finer lines and fissures on the face.
  • Illuminated Makeup Mirrors: Many modern mirrors have in built lights either on the edges or on the rim of the mirror. These light sources provide a uniform view all along the mirror surface without emitting any shadows on the mirror surface. However, the makeup that is applied using this mirror may look entirely different under natural light conditions.
Lighted Makeup Mirro

Lighted Makeup Mirro

Choosing the best makeup mirror is a thing of art, and a user must have a good knowledge of how different mirrors work under different lighting and makeup conditions. If you’re applying makeup in your bathroom, you may like to use a lighted makeup mirror, while you’ll need to use a magnifying mirror when you want to cover up fine lines of age. However, a woman will have a minimum of three types of mirrors- a larger mirror in the home, a companion mirror for outdoor use and an integrated mirror built inside the makeup kit.

Whatever the type of makeup mirrors you choose, it may not last long, if you do not care for it in a proper way. Over an extended period of usage, these mirrors tend to get smudged or defaced with ravages of cosmetic residues. To clean your mirror you may like to use streak free, glass cleaners with a good quality liquid. Use plenty of tissue cloth pieces to wipe the surface clean and always make it a regular habit of looking after your makeup mirror to ensure a long life. Try with this: www.fashionist.ca


Makeup Artist

There are hundreds of highly skilled professions that require tremendous techniques and knowledge to operate and execute any assignments. One such profession is that of a makeup artist, which uses plenty of makeup techniques and tools like paints, powders and lacquers. The main objective of this person is to provide a highly desirable and meaningful appearance to a stage performer or an artist. Makeup artist is also a highly qualified person, who apparently knows every trick in the book of makeup industry. Apart from their successful techniques, he/she is also adept at giving very minute details and contours to your face.

More often, a makeup artist is an invisible person, who is always behind the screen to help the show to be successful and commercially feasible. They are also the people who create very successful models, stage artists, actors and actresses. These people have already created some of the best known faces in both theatre and movie industries. The success of many famous models and stage performers is due to the untiring efforts of these gifted people, who know how a presentable and pleasing face could be developed with their unfailing techniques. Learn more

These skilled people work usually in television, movie and television industries, and are busy in applying makeup, arranging pleasing face and hairstyle for artists and performers. Some of the simple techniques that are provided by an accomplished makeup artist are:

• Basic and primary makeup and beauty techniques and tricks,
• Modern hair style and hair touch techniques,
• Barbering and Wig techniques

These tireless people are the real work horses who work for endless number of hours in researching and designing new techniques for a special show or event. Apart from these basic activities, they also liaise and partner with event managers, producers and directors to bring a pleasing touch to the whole show. Well known operators will have a fixed budget for acquiring their tools needed for the work, while small time people use their own tools and equipments.

Make Up Artist

Make Up Artist

A makeup artist is found to be working in theatres, production houses, saloons, retail stores and also in large hotels and cruise liners. Well experienced people will have many unique abilities and characters like:

• An easy going personality,
• A team playing and go-getting quality,
• A strong sense for everything that are visual and constructive in nature,
• Gets best out of the people,
• Develop an uncanny ability for excellence and perfection,
• Provide people the look and appearance they always want,
• Possess dedication, perseverance and concentration powers,
• To be very methodical and perfect in whatever they do and perform,
• To provide only the best in the industry,
• Be in touch with all modern techniques and tricks

A makeup artist is an essential person who is associated with a multi billion dollar and successful entertainment and glamour industry. You can expect the best of physical looks and appearance, if you rely on a highly successful makeup artist. If you’re aspiring to be a successful model or a stage performer, the first thing that you would do is to look better and attractive in front of hundreds of people. When you choose an excellent artist, you can only expect the best of services, and this can be attested by your wonderful looks and appearance.


Stage Makeup

When you hear someone talk about makeup in entertainment industry, the common term you could across will be about the stage makeup and its importance in the success of stage performances. More often stage makeup is entirely different from that of everyday makeup and is full of many complexities and risks. Considering various theatre forms and other factors, stage makeup is a challenging task that is faced by many beauticians.

Is stage makeup different from normal makeup? Yes, it is entirely different! The fundamental reason for stage makeup is to highlight ones’ facial features, so that they appear and be prominent on the stage, even from long distances and over bright or colored or even dark lights provided on the stage. With out good stage makeup , a stage artist will just drown in the glaring, white light! Stage makeup is considered very important to the success of stage performance, especially in the Oriental and Middle East countries. Stage makeup is an absolute necessity and a demanding ritual, whether a stage artist likes it or not!

Stage Makeup

Stage Makeup

One of the most famous stage makeup methods is the Ben Nye Stage Makeup, a branded stage makeup process and a complicated procedure. A clear industry leader in theatrical makeup in the United States Ben Nye stage makeup products are recalled for their consistency, subtlety and intensity of color and reliability. These products are commonly used all over the world. So what is so special about Ben Nye Stage makeup that others find it hard to match? Just a visit to their home page would tell you why the brand is so much sought after.

As you are aware, Ben Nye was a famous Hollywood makeup artist with over 350 movies to his credit. Ben, after retiring from Hollywood, he established this company sometime during 1967. To his great credit, Ben has introduced more than 200 innovatively new products. Now, Dana Nye, his son continues his everlasting legacy and is the CEO of Ben Nye Stage makeup company. It is their product range that really enthuses and excites you! Right from historical and mythical story enactment to the modern day story, and from rural backdrop to urban setting, they provide you everything in stage makeup ! Wigs, beards and moustaches are their specialty and usually find a special, prominent place on their website.


Choose your stage costumes and make up needs by the name of characters, the story line or even by size of the actor that is enacting or playing the said character. You can buy or rent them through their web site itself. Ben Nye Stage Makeup Company can ship its products to anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada.

Some broadly classified product range for stage makeup by Ben Nye Stage Makeup Company is:

  • Fantasy makeup and clown makeup,
  • Horrors, special effects and characters,
  • Old age makeup, theatres and fountains,
  • Beauty make ups, supplies and removers,

One can never care to ignore Ben Nye Stage makeup kits and your needs for stage makeup are satisfied by this wonderful firm, be it a simple age old costume or a modern day outfit. Ben Nye stage makeup kits understand your mind and provide you whatever you require.


Mineral Make Up

It is new, entirely natural, and absolutely safe for use on any part of your body! It is defining the newest trends in general cosmetic industry by its extreme usefulness and charm! It is called mineral make up! Many cosmetic companies are making products that are mineral in nature and natural in composition. Mineral makeup uses cosmetics that are created out of natural minerals and inorganic pigments that are available around us in the Mother Nature! All natural mineral compounds like mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides are used widely in the manufacturing of mineral cosmetics. These cosmetics virtually include a wide range of cosmetic products, from the most ordinary talcum powder to sophisticated eye shadows! Read about Natural Makeup Tips

There are several reasons as to why you should use mineral makeup products. The benefits of using cosmetics are:

  • Most natural look and feeling!
  • Long lasting and stays on throughout the day!
  • Excellent and non allergic to sensitive skin!
  • It is non-inflammatory and non-peeling!
  • Contains no harmful and synthetic ingredients!
Makeup Products

Makeup Products

When you use synthetic cosmetics and make-up products for a long time, you’re most likely to create wrinkles and spots on your skin. After some time, your skin layers start to sag and degenerate slowly leading to uncontrolled aging process. Most ideally, your skin must never allow artificial makeup practices and procedures. Because mineral cosmetics contain practically very low quantities of dangerous ingredients, bacteria and fungus will never grow on the surface layers of your skin, and as a result preservatives are not needed to be added to increase the shelf life of the product.

True to its name, mineral makeup sound very pure and fresh, and in fact it lives up to its name! Mineral makeup mean absolutely no chemicals, no artificial fillers or no dangerous dyes. Mineral powders are very gentle and soothing to your skin, without any risk of inducing allergic skin reactions on your body. Most of the mineral cosmetics are manufactured from finely powdered minerals that are also very rich in rare pigments. Such preparations usually contain titanium and zinc oxide as base materials in their overall composition.

Some of the notable advantages of mineral cosmetics are:

  • UV resistant and stop dangerous rays from reaching your deeper layers of skin,
  • Anti-inflammatory and non-poisonous,
  • Because of absence of talc in the preparation, mineral cosmetics will help you in retaining the body moisture for a longer period of time,
  • With mineral cosmetics , you can impart a shimmering or radiating appearance to your skin,
  • Can make your skin breathe more air and assist the body in providing extra skin growth,
  • Healthy and possess many healing powers,
  • Good for all skin types and varieties.

Due to their innumerable advantages, mineral makeup are gaining immense popularity over the years and many people simply love the magic of excellent effects provided by them. Being non-toxic and non-inflammatory, mineral cosmetics are more natural and thus represent only the best and premium, the bountiful nature can offer to us! Read out fashionist.ca


Natural Makeup Tips

Natural makeup is a smart look when choosing cosmetics because it shows your true beauty. Although trends at times suggest that gobs of heavy eye shadow and bright red lips are attractive, the real trick to applying makeup is to make others think you aren’t wearing any at all.

Chances are when you think of “natural” colors, the first colors that come to mind are not neon green, electric blue or blood red. Your instincts are correct. For natural makeup, earth tones are your primary color palette. This includes beige, brown, bronze and copper. The trick is to stay as close to what nature gave you when it comes to your cosmetic choices, which means glitter, gloss

y eye shadows and heavy black eye liner are out as well. In stead, start with a color palette of earth tones such as beige, brown, bronze, copper and pink. If you have a medium to light skin tone, use a brown shadow to contour your eyes, but stay away black eyeliner. A pink cream blush can be added to the cheeks for a rosy hue, or a bronzing powder can be used in this area to highlight your cheekbones. These colors work on all skin tones. The finishing touch is a pink or nude lip for medium to light skin tones, and a subtle mauve tone for dark skin tones.

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Mac Cosmetics

Mac cosmetics is an ever popular acronym for “Make-up Art Cosmetics” that boasts of many well-known product ranges that finally filled the deep vacuum for more reliable, affordable, stable and versatile make-up cosmetics. If you care took a cursory look at the history of Mac cosmetics, is standing out as a perfect brain child of two prominent Canadians; it was an unusual combination of a successful businessman and a seasoned beauty professional. The product ranges manufactured by Mac were quite broader than those available during those budding days’ of cosmetics. Popularity of Mac cosmetic products are soaring very high, due to the boom in online purchases and extremely aggressive marketing promotion.

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