Maybelline Makeup

Maybelline makeup is one of the oldest, and most trusted cosmetic brands on the market. Despite the vast product line they have today, some may be surprised that they started out with one simple product: mascara. In fact, the man who started Maybelline cosmetics was the inventor of mascara. T. L Williams was a chemist who wanted to create something for his sister Maybel to extend her eyelashes. After mixing coal dust and Vaseline together, he had mascara. Of course, the ingredients in mascara have changed a bit over the years, but the idea behind it hasn’t.

Today, the brand has branched off into lipsticks, glosses, nail polish, mascara, just about any type of cosmetics one can think of. Their glamorous yet affordable image is promoted by big name celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Adriana Lima and Kristin Davis. But amidst all their growth and success, they are still very well known for their mascara. Many women would rank Maybelline mascara right up there with mascara from higher end cosmetic lines such as MAC and Clinique. Their current mascara line is very diverse, with a variety of brush shapes and formula’s. Among those, there is Volum’ Express, which comes with a thick brush for full and soft lashes, their most recent called XXL, which comes with a primer on one end and a topcoat on the other, and the ever popular Great Lash, with a medium sized applicator. See more: www.fashionist.ca

Maybelline Cosmetics

Maybelline Cosmetics

The company has also perfected their other products, namely their foundation lines. The newest creation, Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, is a dream indeed. The foundation itself is creamy and whipped looking, and goes on smooth for full coverage. In fact, its especially formulated to prevent caking. Lucky for us, the company has also extended their Dream Matte Mousse line into eye shadows and blushes. For a more traditional foundation, they also offer EverFresh makeup, which is a clean feeling, liquid foundation with an SPF14. When you’re ready to dress up your lips, their Forever Metallic and Forever Metallic Lites lipstick gives your lips the perfect look for a night out on the town. These lipsticks have built in microcrystals for an intense shimmer. To top that, or any of their lipsticks off, is Lip Polish, which adds a shine and subtle color. The best thing about Maybelline is that their cosmetics are affordable, ranging between $5 and $10 on average. These products can be found at your local drugstore or grocery store, and online Drugstore.com.

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