Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics is perhaps one of the most well-known names in color cosmetics industry, and it definitely stands a pantheon above all other legendary cosmetic industries. Designed and created exclusively by that legendary cosmetic expert, Mary Kay, this great company has a worldwide operation, crisscrossing many countries of Europe, North America and Asia. Its headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas and currently its annual business turnover exceeds many billions of dollars. This is not just an ordinary cosmetics firm, but also a lifetime experience for millions of people all over the world. It is also a big amalgamation of different and wide ranging services, from products to their unique independent consultancy services. One special thing about this unique industry is its affordable business opportunities, to even those people who do not have any start-up capital.

Its tremendous corporate success and a viable business empire are entirely due to its unique and special corporate culture of using independent business consultants, who specialize in selling their products, as well as liaising with ordinary people to create new partnerships. Mary Kay Cosmetics also relies on a large network that is effective and productive; its large franchisee offices across the continents have provided a successful corporate model.

This company creates a wonderful range of beauty care and cosmetic products that are comparable to any other well known products in the world. If anyone wishes to create their own small business empire, they need not go in search for any other business opportunities other than this great company. With a legendary and great track record, as well as a well established history, its history stretches back to the year 1963, when Mary Kay started her dream child called Mary Kay Cosmetics; with her corporate experience and an undying vision, she was able to create a future business empire, as big as the present day cosmetic giant.


Here are some of the corporate details and relevant milestones of this wonderful company:

  • It is the largest, independent cosmetics direct selling entity in the world,
  • The present sales figures exceed $2.5 billion,
  • Its sales force is an astonishing 2.5 million and it is still growing,
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics was the first business concept that involved an idea called “career car”.

Its success is entirely due to a dedicated network of distributors and directors, even though many people never mention this undeniable fact. For example, this cosmetic giant has thousands of dedicated business owners in the state of Georgia, and this group is creating a wonderful business volume for the company. In lieu of their wonderful effort, the company has helped them to grow professionally as well as personally in their life. The incentive offered to them has been tremendous, and nothing can beat the concept of “career car”, which is still a great business concept. In all, Mary Kay Cosmetics is a great business idea that has craved a niche for itself in the world of corporate business. Try to read full article

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