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One of the critical tools needed when applying skin care creams and cosmetics is the makeup mirror: mirror has been the inseparable part of a woman’s life for hundreds of years and a day doesn’t pass without you glancing at a makeup mirror. It also serves as an invaluable tool to assist us in presenting ourselves in an affable manner to our friends and colleagues. It also offers several benefits and uses like:

  • By using a good makeup mirror , you can create a flawless and aristocratic appearance,
  • Help you instill a sense of confidence in yourself to face people and colleagues with courage,
  • It is also a real-life mirror that reflects your life and aspirations.

There are several types of makeup mirrors available depending on the existing situations and requirements. Some of these mirrors are:

  • Fully integrated mirrors: These form an integral part of your makeup case or vanity set. Usually very small and compact, these mirrors are appropriate for very quick makeup touches, or to see that your makeup remains presentable to public. However, after long usage this mirror will get smudged with makeup residues or become clouded due to ageing.
  • Accessory mirrors sold along with the makeup kit: These small, yet attractive mirrors are sold separately from the makeup case, but form an important makeup accessory for any beautiful woman. Though they are not really sufficient enough for an extensive use, they make good travel and reviewing companions.
  • Ultra Compact, Handheld mirrors: A versatile makeup mirror , this serves as an extra mirror to help you verify and check cosmetics and its application on your face. This can be used to inspect your face from all critical angles, and serves as a supplementary mirror in conjunction with a stationary mirror.
  • Stationary or Sedentary Mirror: These are sophisticated mirrors that have adjustable stands and swivel bases. They are convenient to use and easy to adjust, and provide the user with a very good makeup experience. This mirror allows a woman to use her hands while applying makeup, which eliminates the problem of fumbling with makeup kits.
  • Magnifying and Enhancing mirrors: If you’re looking for very fine and refined makeup procedures, then you will find immense use with this versatile mirror. Magnifying mirrors can help you cover all fine blemishes and spots on your face or fill finer lines and fissures on the face.
  • Illuminated Makeup Mirrors: Many modern mirrors have in built lights either on the edges or on the rim of the mirror. These light sources provide a uniform view all along the mirror surface without emitting any shadows on the mirror surface. However, the makeup that is applied using this mirror may look entirely different under natural light conditions.
Lighted Makeup Mirro

Lighted Makeup Mirro

Choosing the best makeup mirror is a thing of art, and a user must have a good knowledge of how different mirrors work under different lighting and makeup conditions. If you’re applying makeup in your bathroom, you may like to use a lighted makeup mirror, while you’ll need to use a magnifying mirror when you want to cover up fine lines of age. However, a woman will have a minimum of three types of mirrors- a larger mirror in the home, a companion mirror for outdoor use and an integrated mirror built inside the makeup kit.

Whatever the type of makeup mirrors you choose, it may not last long, if you do not care for it in a proper way. Over an extended period of usage, these mirrors tend to get smudged or defaced with ravages of cosmetic residues. To clean your mirror you may like to use streak free, glass cleaners with a good quality liquid. Use plenty of tissue cloth pieces to wipe the surface clean and always make it a regular habit of looking after your makeup mirror to ensure a long life. Try with this: www.fashionist.ca

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