Liquid Eyeliner Mascara Applicator

To choose between an eyeliner pencil and a liquid eyeliner mascara applicator is rather easy. The issue of which is the best, whether liquid eyeliner or the pencil, doesn’t arise at all, if you have already chosen a liquid eyeliner mascara applicator. Thousands of women use this little tool to apply eyeliner mascara on their faces. More often, this makeup tool is in fact a short rod made of plastic or fiber, which, at the front end, is surrounded by a tight fitting, non slipping sleeve made again from plastic or fiber material. The sleeve has many radial fingers like that of the bristles of a smoothly rounded brush. These fingers are arranged on the sleeve with the help of many inserts called “finger collars”. These collars have equal number of fingers distributed evenly all along the surface.

Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

How to Get Best Results Out Of a Liquid Eyeliner Mascara Applicator?

For safer and better eyeliner application, run liquid eyeliner mascara applicator away from the root of the eye or in the inside out fashion, all the while stroking the liquid eyeliner mascara on to the eyelashes. By stroking in an inside-out mode, you will be able to touch and correct even the tiniest of the eye lashes. Apply a stream of strokes, till you see the liquid drying out completely on your lashes. Now, the liquid will have completely covered all around the lashes.

Use the liquid eyeliner mascara applicator, even if you want to have multiple coats or want to apply an additional dash of color. But the essential secret of using the liquid eyeliner mascara applicator invariably lies in its maintenance, cleanliness and the steadiness of your hands. While applying, you may find it harder to control the movement of its handle. Thus you may wish to choose your own type of applicator based on your skill and confidence level. Choose the one that has a pointed end so that you can reach those difficult areas like the inner corners and smaller lashes. By choosing such an applicator, you can provide a uniformly looking mascara effects on your eyes.

If your eyes are smaller, just gently run a thin over the upper lid, so that it is even and inconspicuous. To open your eyes up, try out a layer of dark colored mascara, without relying too much on the liner itself. To enhance and look and to add a dramatic look, choose a darker shade for the lower eye lid. A well laid application will create a wide eyed look and an open eye appearance. While applying your liquid eyeliner mascara applicator, make sure that support your palm on your face with a steady hand, and get close to the mirror as far as possible.

Liquid eyeliner mascara applicator is perhaps a little makeup tool that can offer a wide range of options and choices compared to other makeup tools. By using this wonderful applicator, you’re not only adding a nice touch to you eyes, but also look comfortably presentable in that exotic evening party! Click here

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