How To Apply Makeup

The Face

All the makeup applied to the face takes great ease to get it just right, and face cosmetics are no exception. It is important that your concealer and foundation is applied evenly. But before you get started, make sure to prep your skin. Your face should be clean with a moisturizer as a base. The best tools to use for foundation are your fingers. This allows you to feel exactly what you’re doing. Sponges and powder puffs can be useful as well, especially for applying concealer and for blending. Start at the forehead by dotting a small amount of liquid makeup. Using two fingers, spread the makeup across your forehead in a semi circular motion. Continue to spread a thin amount over your entire face, and below your jaw line to avoid noticeable lines.

Gluten Free Makeup

Gluten Free Makeup

The Cheeks

Now you’re ready to give your cheeks a rosy glow. To apply makeup to the cheeks, if you are using a powder based blush you will first need a medium or large sized blush brush (the brush included with the blush itself isn’t recommended). If you are using a cream blush, simply use your fingers. Dip the brush into the blush, picking up a small amount of the product. Tap the brush against the side of the blush container to get rid of the excess. Start the brush on the apple of your cheek, on the side closest to your nose, and lightly drag upwards towards your cheekbones. Repeat this until you get your desired shade.

The Lips

Applying makeup to your lips comes in three basic steps: the liner, the lip stick and the gloss. Each step can actually be used on its own, if you wish to only wear a lip stick or lip gloss with no liner. Lining your lips does have its advantages, because it helps to create a barrier for your lipstick which stops it from spreading or smudging, to a degree. Make sure the lip liner is sharpened before using it. Draw a line following the shape of your lips, starting in the middle of the top lip. You can follow inside or outside the natural lip line, depending on how large you want your lips to look. Once this is done, fill in the liner to create a base that holds your lipstick. Lipstick is best applied with a lip brush. Drag the lip brush across the top of the lip stick, picking up a generous amount of the product. Apply the lip stick in the same fashion that you applied the lip liner, while leaving the edge of the liner exposed. After that you can add lip gloss to finish the look.

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