Eye Makeup Remover

Eye and face makeup will enhance your beauty and provide that much needed delicate touch to your personality. Though there are many benefits to making up your face with exotic cosmetics, you’ll also face some drawbacks and serious side effects, if you do not care for overall health of your facial skin. It is very important for the well being of your skin, to remove the makeup residues on your face and skin, almost on a daily basis especially at night before retiring to bed. When you leave makeup residues on your face, you may face the acute problems of acne and skin eruptions, which in turn, will cause infection and local irritation. However, removing makeup residues from around your eyes is a tricky task and a tough work. With out causing damaging to the sensitive areas around your eyes, you can use a good eye makeup remover to eliminate dangerous residues deposited near your eyes.

There are several eye makeup removers available in your favorite beauty store and each one of them performs the assigned task with equal efficiency. Below are some of the most commonly used eye makeup removers commonly available in the market:

  • Clinical grade Olive oil: Good grade olive oil is supposed to work well to remove makeup residues and smudges near your eyes. Olive oil is not only natural, but also very safe for use on any sensitive areas of your skin. To apply Olive oil, slightly warm up the oil and immerse a cotton ball in it. Wipe this cloth over you eyes to gently remove all dangerous residues. Once the dirt is taken off, wipe your eye area with a warm and damp cloth,
  • Clinical grade Vaseline: A very old ingredient, which is used for general skin applications and local toning. Apply with your fingers over your eyes area and gently remove the smudges. Wipe off the excess by using a warm and wet cloth. Vaseline is a good general eye makeup remover .
  • Cold creams: Cold creams also act as topical skin creams that can be used with safety and security. There are many cold creams specially prepared to work as eye makeup removers. Apply a light layer of cold cream near your eye area and wipe off the excess with a damp cloth,
  • New, disposable eye makeup remover towels or tissues: These little tissues are perhaps the most convenient way to remove your eye makeup. You can carry them anywhere you go, and are easy to use and wipe off those hard to remove smudges,
  • General baby shampoos and Oils: You can also use many types of baby shampoos and oils as eye makeup removers .
Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye Makeup Ideas

Commercial eye makeup removers are made naturally, by incorporating numerous herbal ingredients like coconut oil, lavender, rose water and Echinacea. The eye makeup remover that you choose for application must be:

  • Able to dissolve difficult non-waterproof and water-resistant eye makeup,
  • Able to leave the eye area completely makeup-free,
  • Capable of preparing your eye area for eye creme,
  • Tested by leading Ophthalmologists and certified for safe use,
  • Able to work even for people who use contact lenses,
  • A good alternative for all skin types.

Eye makeup remover is an important tool in the armory of woman’s makeup kit, without which she may never expect to own a healthy pair of eyes.

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