Designer Handbag Trends

If you someone who loves to have a handbag for every outfit or occasion plus a few general purpose bags as well, then you are doubtless always interested in what the new trends in designer handbags are. There are always huge numbers of designer handbags for sale but not every trend suits everyone. Here are a selection to help guide you to the ones that are for you.

Bucket Bags

Burberry-Bags-05Buckets bags continue to be high on the trend list for bags this years but not only that, they are so very convenient. All the top designers such as Louis Vuitton have introduced new additions to the bucket bags range including bright new colours suitable for the season. Zips, studs and diamante are often seen along with different shapes that are almost a cross over with a backpack.

Straw bags

Straw bags tend to be something people envision as a beach accessory filled with suntan lotion, sunglasses and a swimsuit. And while they are very much a summer idea, they are also growing in practicality and variation. Straw bag style is being produced by many of the designers including straw patterns with leather finishing or traditional straw bags featuring a range of motifs. Mini straw bags are also around with bright floral patterns and metal shoulder straps. Click here to find popular items for straw bags.

Fringe bags

Fringe bags are very Boho in their looks, especially with the glittery or sparkly material often used and are full of movement. This season they are also very much a current trend and are being produced in a range of different variations from a gentle, delicate fringe to a full on, double the length of the bag effort. Big names such as Gucci and Valentino have embraced the fringe trend this year as well as many of the lower priced ranges.


Traditionally seen as the preserve of students, backpacks are making a break into the designers’ handbag arena this year. Featuring bright colours and patterns, different materials and straps of all thicknesses, the backpack is no longer just a functional book bag. Some are being branded as sling bags while others have just the one strap but they have that practical element combined with the height of fashion.

Mini bags

Mini handbags simply won’t be for everyone – if you cram everything possible into your handbag and feel naked if you leave home without most of it, then these little versions of your favourite bag won’t be for you. But if you can minimalize what you carry and like the idea of a bag light enough not to pull your shoulder, then these mini bags could be the answer. They really do look just like the full sized version with straps and buckles, zips and embellishments but are just smaller than normal.


Trends come and go but a good designer handbag is forever, or at least until you decide you have had enough of it. So whether you buy by trend or by brand or just because it catches your eye, there are always plenty to choose from.

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