Clinique Makeup

Clinique makeup has been a popular among women of all ages for years, and it is one of the many lines owned by cosmetic empire Estee Lauder. The brand offers products similar to other lines, including cosmetics, hair care and skin care, but their claim to fame is dermatologist guided cosmetics that are fragrance free and allergy tested. When Clinique first started in 1968 it was the first to categorize skin types and offer skin care solutions based on individual needs. Over the years, they have faced competition from other lines, but at the same time they have established themselves as a highly trusted brand among women.

Clinique’s skin and hair care products have everyone covered. Their skin care line includes makeup remover, cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliates, anti aging creams, and acne treatment. Take off the Day, their cleansing balm, is very unique in itself; basically you spread the balm on your face, and it instantly dissolves any cosmetics you are currently wearing. Used in conjunction with their face towelettes skin is deep cleaned and cosmetics are removed in a snap. Their Dramatically Different moisturizing gel is perfect for those with oily skin. Despite your skin type, it’s important to moisturize daily, and this product makes it possible to do that without clogging the pores or adding extra oil to the skin. As for the hair, it was truly a genius idea for Clinique to create a shampoo fragrance with their best selling perfume, Happy. They also have a small line of styling products, which range from a curl enhancer to a shine serum.

Clinique Makeup

Clinique Makeup

Cosmetics is where Clinique began, and over the years they fail to disappoint. All About Eyes is their newest concealer, and like the name implies, it’s created just for under the eyes. This concealer not only covers dark circles but also decreases puffiness and is specially formulated to not set into creases and fine lines. They’ve got your eyes covered when it comes to color as well, with products such as the Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo. This eye shadow comes in small compact, each with two colors: a light shade and a darker shade, that are made especially for blending and highlighting, so there’s no need to go and match up two different shadows. For the lips, their Superbalm Tinted Lip treatment repairs and hydrates the lips while giving a hint of color.

With so many great products introduced yearly, it’s hard to imagine Clinique taking a dip in popularity anytime soon. No matter what skin type you have, or what kind of look you’re searching for when It comes to cosmetics, Clinique has such a vast product like that every shopper is sure to find something suiting.

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