Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup has been widely used in the movie and entertainment industry for year. Slowly, the process has begun to emerge as an everyday technique for applying makeup. The process is similar to airbrushing a t shirt. The makeup artist uses an instrument that looks like a metal spray can. Instead of spraying paint it sprays makeup, and leaves flawless coverage. The most common everyday use for airbrush makeup is the spray on tan, which has become incredibly popular replacement for regular sun tanning.

Since the suns UV rays can cause thin to age, and possibly get skin cancer, it’s no shock that spray on tans has quickly become a staple at salons and spas. Usually, you will strip down to a swimsuit and a professional will personally spray you with the bronzed shade of your choice. Some spa’s also have misting machines, where you step inside a pod and are sprayed from every angle. The color lasts for two weeks. However, an alternative quickly followed these processes, in the form of an at home spray on tan. TheTanningStore.com sells an at home airbrush tanning system for $145.95. It isn’t cheap, but the package comes with a spray system, tanning solution and a how-to video. If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, Neutrogena has their Micromist Tanning Spray, which comes in an aerosol can but goes on like an airbrush.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

The two most common uses for airbrush makeup is cosmetics and tattoos, which are mostly done by professionals. Airbrush tattoos look similar to regular tattoos, but only last for a few weeks. Airbrush makeup is becoming highly used in the entertainment industry because of HDTV. Programs that are broadcast in high definition are like a microscope against the actor’s skin, causing flaws to be more visible than on regular television. Airbrush makeup is also faster to apply than regular makeup and does not rub off easily, making it a great choice for TV. Since all of the perks to using airbrush makeup sound so appealing, slowly but surely cosmetic companies are rolling out at home airbrush makeup. Sally Hensen Beauty makes an airbrush foundation called fast and Flawless, which comes in an aerosol can. Dior also makes a similar product, called DiorSkin AirFlash.

Airbrush makeup is a new idea for the general public, but its benefits are promising. This type of makeup is a great solution for anyone who wants a flawless finish without having to worry about their makeup coming off on their clothes, or worse yet, someone else’s clothes. Although it’s a major step away from regular tanners and cosmetics, it’s definitely worth a try. Read more from here fashionist.ca

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