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Designer Handbag Trends

If you someone who loves to have a handbag for every outfit or occasion plus a few general purpose bags as well, then you are doubtless always interested in what the new trends in designer handbags are. There are always huge numbers of designer handbags for sale but not every trend suits everyone. Here are a selection to help guide you to the ones that are for you.

Bucket Bags

Burberry-Bags-05Buckets bags continue to be high on the trend list for bags this years but not only that, they are so very convenient. All the top designers such as Louis Vuitton have introduced new additions to the bucket bags range including bright new colours suitable for the season. Zips, studs and diamante are often seen along with different shapes that are almost a cross over with a backpack.

Straw bags

Straw bags tend to be something people envision as a beach accessory filled with suntan lotion, sunglasses and a swimsuit. And while they are very much a summer idea, they are also growing in practicality and variation. Straw bag style is being produced by many of the designers including straw patterns with leather finishing or traditional straw bags featuring a range of motifs. Mini straw bags are also around with bright floral patterns and metal shoulder straps. Click here to find popular items for straw bags.

Fringe bags

Fringe bags are very Boho in their looks, especially with the glittery or sparkly material often used and are full of movement. This season they are also very much a current trend and are being produced in a range of different variations from a gentle, delicate fringe to a full on, double the length of the bag effort. Big names such as Gucci and Valentino have embraced the fringe trend this year as well as many of the lower priced ranges.


Traditionally seen as the preserve of students, backpacks are making a break into the designers’ handbag arena this year. Featuring bright colours and patterns, different materials and straps of all thicknesses, the backpack is no longer just a functional book bag. Some are being branded as sling bags while others have just the one strap but they have that practical element combined with the height of fashion.

Mini bags

Mini handbags simply won’t be for everyone – if you cram everything possible into your handbag and feel naked if you leave home without most of it, then these little versions of your favourite bag won’t be for you. But if you can minimalize what you carry and like the idea of a bag light enough not to pull your shoulder, then these mini bags could be the answer. They really do look just like the full sized version with straps and buckles, zips and embellishments but are just smaller than normal.


Trends come and go but a good designer handbag is forever, or at least until you decide you have had enough of it. So whether you buy by trend or by brand or just because it catches your eye, there are always plenty to choose from.

For more fashion tips, go to http://www.fashionist.ca/where-is-the-sports-apparel-for-woman/ .


Is it Fashionable to be Extremely Skinny?

skinny woman

Does size really matter? Media plays a significant part in the body dissatisfaction of both men and women. Being extremely skinny is now the goal of almost everyone. Portrayal of skinniness as a desirable trait and protagonist in media are skinny, desirable, beautiful and successful. Because of that, being skinny is now the standard for everyone and perceived as very fashionable. If you are skinny, you can wear clothes that you wanted. And also, they’ll get praises instead of negative comments from the society. Since skinny is the new trend and regarded as the new sexy, almost everyone are trying their best to achieve the size they really wanted.

Want to be skinny without starving? When your goal is to be really skinny, you should be always focused every step of the way. Furthermore, you should always put on your mind your goal and the right steps on how to achieve it.

Eat less and exercise more

Your goal is to burn more calories than what you actually consume in a day. Reducing your caloric intake by cutting portion sizes is a great start to achieve your goal. To keep track on your intake of calories you should read the labels on everything you eat. Also, eating small meals and snacks throughout the day helps in keeping your metabolism fast and preventing your body in storing extra fat. Always remember that exercise burns calories so if one pound is equal to 3500 calories, you should burn 3500 calories more than you consume in order to lose 1 pound.

Stop eating 2 hours before you sleep

Your metabolism slows down while you are sleeping so you shouldn’t eat 2 hours before sleeping to prevent gaining extra calorie.

Do not skip meals

Skipping meals gets you to a starvation mode which causes your body to store extra fat. Eating four or five times a day is actually better than eating two to three large meals a day. This is because your body your body will have more time digesting he food you consumed. You can also try eating smaller meals with in between snacks. In that way, your metabolism is working throughout the day. Healthy snacks in between meals include a piece of fruit, a nutrition bar, a cup of yogurt, or small salad with dressings. You can also try green smoothies during your snacks. Most of these smoothies are simple to make and you can use your preferred vegetable. Recipes for these are very accessible in the net. Also, you can ask at the nearest appliance store what is the best food processor for smoothies so you can make your own

Drink plenty of water

Your body often confuses hunger and thirst. There are times that you are craving for food but you are not actually hungry, that could mean that your body is dehydrated. Remember that should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins

These foods are rich in nutrient and gives the proper nourishment that your body needs without filling up one extra calorie. Switching white bread to whole grain is a good start. Also, cut out empty calories from pasta, alcohol, sugary foods, and bread. Learn more about the benefits of fruits and vegetables by clicking here.

Although cutting out calories is a big part in achieving your goal you should still take into consider the needs of your body. To sustain yourself you should take at least 1200 calories a day. If you note that you are experiencing decreased muscle mass, difficulty in staying warm, your immune response is slower, hair loss, and difficulty breathing you can consult our doctor you might experiencing malnutrition.

You should always take into consideration your health if your going through various steps to achieving a skinny look. Remember that your health is way more important than your goal. You also should ask your doctor first especially if your have history of health problems.

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Retro Hairstyles Back In Style


The 1960s were memorable for a huge number of things, some good and some maybe not so much! Women’s hairstyles became very distinctive and sometimes complex and many of these styles have come back into popularity in recent times.

Bird’s nest bun

Hairstyles from the 1960s even had wild names like the bird’s nest bun. You envision going out to buy a top bird house for sale and persuading a feathered friend to build a nest in it then wear it on your head. The reality is a bit different: the bird’s best bun is a simple bun style, which is slightly unkempt yet very elegant. It is more sophisticated than a mere top-knot and is worn by stars such as Sienna Miller.

Yet despite the complicated look of the style, top stylists have given a few simple tips to accomplish this and it is surprisingly easy:

  1. Spritz your hair with some kind of volumising spray then dry it using a flat brush. Direct the roots of your hair towards the area where you want the bun to be positioned
  2. Gather your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head with a band of bungee cord
  3. Loosely twist your hair into a bun and secure it there with pins, using a medium hold spray to keep it where you put it
  4. Leave a few wispy strands out of the bun for the ‘fresh’ look or add a little fly-away control spray with a toothbrush for the sleek appearance

Go to http://classroom.synonym.com/different-types-buns-7589.html to learn how to do different types of bun?

Beehive hairdo

Mention beehive hairdo and the mind come up with images of honey and flying insects and…no nothing like that. The beehive was another typical 1960s hairstyle that can be current and fashionable today. And by the number of TV stars who seem to be adopting the style, it is definitely a current trend. Here’s an easy step by step guide to achieving it. Don’t try this method until about two days after you have washed your hair or it won’t work!

  1. Divide your hair roughly along the line of the top of your ears and clip the top section out of the way.
  2. Pin the bottom into a French twist or similar style and give it a good spritz of hairspray
  3. Divide the top section into three, the two at either side being the smaller ones. Backcomb the middle section first and don’t worry if you are a bit enthusiastic at this stage
  4. Do the same with the other two sides but on a less scale so the majority of volume is in the middle
  5. Take a comb and mould the beehive into the shape you wish it to be in then tie all the loose ends in with a grip
  6. Tidy up with a comb to get everything lying as you want it them add a good spray of hairspray to keep everything in place

These styles might not be perfect for everyone and if you have very thick hair, the beehive particularly might not be the best idea. But there are also loads of other retro styles out there from the 1960s and other time periods which might be just perfect for you. Experiment!

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How To Style Your Hair Like A Movie Star

For most of us, hair is the focal point of our looks, which means we have to keep straightening and blow-drying, whatever it takes to achieve that sleek and stylish appearance. Celebrities and movie stars are a driving force for the beauty industry, introducing new trends and styles constantly. When getting your hair done for any special occasion, you want to select a hairstyle that stands out and gets you noticed. More importantly, learning to style your hair like a movie star will not only save time and money, but will certainly turn heads.

Gather some pictures

Browse through the internet and entertainment magazines to find pictures of hairstyles that appeal to you. You can either use these photos as inspiration for your hairstyle, or completely copy the movie star, your choice. Try to find photos of every angle of the hairstyle so you know exactly how it looks from the front, side and back. There could be some unwanted surprises lurking behind the ears.

Consult with your friends

Consult with your friends. Show them the pictures you’ve chosen and ask which hairstyle they think would look better on you.

Wash your hair

There are many shampoos and conditioners out there that are designed to enhance your hair texture and color and prepare it for styling. Moisturizing conditioner will give your hair that healthy and shiny look without adding additional chemicals. Oily hair could make you look like a laughing stock instead of a movie star. Clicking here will give you helpful hints for taming oily hair.


Browse sites for tutorial

Browse Pinterest, YouTube, or http://www.betterhairday.com for specific movie star hair tutorials. Or if you think your chosen hairstyle looks simple enough, you can be creative and improvise. You can always go to a salon if you find the style too challenging for your skill level. It will be worth the expense because professional stylists will take great care of your hair and ensure that you walk out of the salon looking and feeling like a movie star.

Break out the blow dryer

It’s difficult to achieve movie star hair with just a comb and brush. Blow drying and straightening your hair gives you that fresh out of the salon look. Make sure your hair is completely dry before using a curling iron or straightener to avoid damage. Also, take advantage of the many hairstyling products available to you. Mousses, creams and gels keep your hair where you want it no matter how much you move around. However, avoid looking like an 80’s pop star and don’t over-do it with the hair products.

Maintain your new movie star hair

The stars commit to doing their hair every morning and so should you if you wish to stay looking glamorous. Those hours of hard work don’t have to be ruined by a little moisture so carry a can of hairspray with you to tame the frizz throughout the day. Remember to flaunt your new hairstyle with confidence to top of your movie star look.


Making Your Smile the Best Fashion Accessory

A smile is the hottest fashion accessory you can have. For starters, smiling costs you nothing! And let’s face it, your confidence and appearance is boosted when you have a whiter and brighter smile. This boost in turn lets you function well on the job, at social functions and in your personal life. Supermodels are actually starting to smile with their mouths rather than just their eyes these days, so you could say smiling is ‘so hot right now’.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening can be costly and troublesome. In order to achieve whiter and brighter smiles, some useful and unique tips are outlined below.


Regular Cleanings

Getting regular cleanings from your dentist will ensure your smile remains beautiful and white. Ensure the cleaning is done at least twice in a calendar year.


Mouthwash help you get rid of germs in your mouth. Avoid using mouthwashes having bright colors as they contain a lot of chemicals and can actually lead to discoloration of your teeth.


Flossing the teeth not less than once a day helps in eliminating the stains between the teeth. If you hate flossing, why not test out an oral irrigator to make the process easier? These stains between the teeth can lead to the teeth being yellow. Also, ensure you brush your teeth at least twice a day – in the morning and after meals. Again, people hate to do this kind of thing in many cases, and so either don’t do it, or do a bad job. Check out some of the top electric toothbrush reviews and choose the model that’s right for you to make your routine a lot easier. For more information regarding the best electric toothbrush reviews, visit http://www.waterflosserhq.com/best-electric-toothbrush-reviews/

Whitening toothpaste

This is among the simplest remedies you can employ towards making your teeth whiter. The stains and the plaque on the teeth are gotten rid of through friction. The teeth whiten as these stains are removed over time.

Parsley Leaves

Never heard of this method? Not surprised. The leaves have been known to give the teeth a sparkle as well as clean them. Chew the leaves every day for a few minutes and you will get whitening results. It also prevents bad breath. Find out what causes bad breath and how to prevent it by clicking here.

Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

It’s not all about fancy and expensive dental care products. This involves natural and inexpensive methods to help you whiten your teeth. Foods with fibrous contents like raw apples, raw carrots and raw cauliflower are readily available and give great whitening results. The fibrous structure of this fruits and vegetables help clean the teeth and in the process sweep away all the stubborn plaque and stains on the teeth.

Use of a Drinking Straw

After whitening your teeth use a drinking straw because some of the cold drinks that are dark in colour can stain the teeth. Avoid coffee and tea to rid your teeth of stains. The straw ensures the drink bypasses your teeth.


Strawberries have a great effect on the removal of natural stains from your teeth. They remove away the stains and yellowness from the teeth.

Additional Tips

Avoid bright white shirts and blouses if you want to hide the imperfect smile.

You not only look great with white teeth, but also feel great. The most important thing to ensure your teeth remain white and have a great smile is to be consistent in the methods used. Also, never try anything without seeking the help of a professional dentist. Amateur mistakes may set back your progress on achieving a bright and white smile.

At the end of it all, you shall have made a bright and white smile your most valued fashion accessory at almost no cost.

Fashion tips for teacher – here!


Fashion Tips for Teachers

When I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. Of course, I had a sort of romanticized view of the profession. Little did I know, I’d be working crazy hours for what feels like pennies on the dollar. All the while, expected to dress with style and class. Keeping a professional wardrobe on a teacher’s budget can certainly be a challenge, but with the right “core” pieces, it is certainly plausible.

Dos and Don’ts

First and foremost, I’d like to point out that there are several do’s and don’ts in the world of teacher fashion. For example, don’t wear jewelry that is TOO nice. I made this mistake once – I asked my husband to get the diamond earrings out of the safe (the same safe where we keep our guns) so I could wear them to work. I ended up in the principal’s office that day!

teacher with jewelry on, denim jacketYour school likely has specific rules for what teachers can and cannot wear, but my rule of thumb is that I even have to question it, I don’t wear it. Before your next shopping spree, read up on the rules specific to your school, and never buy a piece of clothing without first trying it on.

The Foundation

The first absolute must, is a variety of simple and comfortable undershirts. Now, I’m not talking about spaghetti straps here, I’m talking about those shirts that can be used as visible layers in your teacher wardrobe. These are inexpensive, and add depth to your daily outfit. On a teacher’s budget a variety of undershirts is a must.

The pencil skirt and the blazer are two primary staples in any teacher’s wardrobe. This is simply because there is so much you can do with these two items of clothing. A pencil skirt is classic, and it never fails to show your utmost professionalism. The blazer does the same thing. However, a blazer is incredibly diverse as it can be dressed up, or down. If it’s casual blue jean friday, but you have a parent meeting, you can still wear your blue jeans and dress them up with a black blazer and a plain tee. These two staples will never fail you as a teacher.


Cardigans, are another favorite of mine. With all of those fun bottom layer shirts lying around, you only need a few cardigans to jazz up your wardrobe. My wardrobe only consists of three cardigans, two long sleeve (one black and one brown) and one three quarter length (black). However, you may want to vary your cardigans this is completely up to you.

Shoes and Jewelry

Shoes and jewelry are your final weapons for jazzing up those previously drabby mundane outfits. As a teacher, comfortable shoes are a must have, let’s face it Pinterest lies when it shows teachers sporting six-inch heels to work. I suggest several ballet flats, some sandals, and boots for the winter. If you must have some heels, invest in low and wide heels that support your feet.

Jewelry is my favorite staple in my teacher wardrobe. This is probably because I can change up the simple outfits I have in my closet with a watch, or a pair of earrings. Jewelry is also an inexpensive method of making your wardrobe more fabulous. However, I would avoid gaudy earrings and rings. Stick with simple pieces that compliment your wardrobe and add to your professionalism.


Where is the sports apparel for woman?

If you are a woman who loves to follow professional sports, you know all too well how difficult it is to find sports swag for your favorite team which is actually designed FOR a woman. Why does it seem like for every team I follow, I can choose between a plain colored t-shirt or maybe if I am lucky, a pink tank top (when will designers realize that not all woman love pink?). Luckily for us woman, the trend is changing thanks to new clothing lines from Alyssa Milano and Victoria Secret who are hoping to cash in on providing us woman some actually fashionable gear.


Last year, Victoria Secret released a clothing line as part of their’ Pink’ Series releasing all types of gear from panties to hoodies. Best of all, it actually looked GOOD and was made with quality which is something that was both surprising and refreshing. The other nice bonus was that you had a variety of option now as to where to purchase the items. You could buy the clothes online at the MLB Shop or on the Victoria Secret website. Or if online shopping isn’t for you, you could pick up your gear at any MLB shop or Victoria Secret store. I’ll be honest, the first time I walked into Victoria Secret and saw a pair of New York Yankees underwear hanging on the wall, I was pretty much blown away.

This year, woman sports fans are being further treated to the design work of actress turned designer Alyssa Milano. Milano founded a brand new line known as ‘Touch,’ which she has managed to build into quite the empire. Negotiating the rights to use the logos of pretty much every major sporting league in North American, Milano has released clothes for woman based on teams from the MLB, NFL, Nascar and even college sports. If you are a woman purchasing sportswear of your favorite team, chances are it’s probably an Alyssa Milano design. Again, much like the Victoria Secret products, you will find her work in MLB shops, at the stadium and a number of different online avenues.

And as mentioned earlier, anybody can MAKE clothes but it takes a truly talented designer to make clothes that fashionable woman want to wear. Milano has done this very well offering good quality clothes which still manage to look hot.

As a life long sports fan, I know I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wear my husbands dirty Green Bay Packers hoodie to show my support.

Dressing Up My Girls

I like the product line offered by Milano so much that I bought my woman’s recreational slo-pitch team uniforms online from the ‘Touch,’ line. The shirts along with our brand new softball bats will allow us to not only hit ball far, but will also have us looking like the most fashionable team on the field.


Lip Gloss

Beautiful women look prettier when they apply an attractively shaded lip gloss on their lovely lips! The innate beauty of lips gets accentuated when you apply a good quality lip gloss that is delicately colored and smoothly textured. These wonderfully shaded glosses will also make your lips look younger and fuller. The main purpose of using a lip gloss is to lend subtle corrections to your lips and also to provide a healing touch to choppy looking lips.

Lips gloss is also called “Lip Shine”, and it comes in many hues of colors and shades- some are bold, while the others are pastel in color. Some of them are exotic green in color while many others are sexy pink in tone! These can be applied either over your lipstick or as a lonely application for more natural and bolder look. They can also last for a long time and could be highly water resistant.

Lip gloss comes in conveniently usable tubes or highly practical pots, and provides an enduringly attractive look to your face. If you’ve a pair of very thin lips, you may as well give a fuller and complete appearance to them by applying a sweetly shaded lip shine. On the flipside, if you’re a woman with a thick pair of lips, then you may be cautious while applying lip shades as they make you look a bit artificial and ugly.


Glossy Lip

Glossy Lip

Here are some of the most common advantages of using a lip shade:

  1. A light, but pronounced film of Chap Stick shade over your lips not only protects and heals them, but also helps the lip color to set correctly and more effectively.
  2. Dusting lip gloss powder can make your lips look naturally clean and this application will not melt easily,
  3. To lend that extra pleasing look to your lips, you may wish to color the lips, and take off those extra layers of color by using a find blotting paper, and then apply a thin layer of lip shade to set the color layers firmly on the lips.
  4. A slight dab of fine tissue paper laced with lip shade powder will provide a greater shine on the lips,
  5. Lip lacquers are colorful lip liquids and these are available in your favorite beauty care shops. Lip lacquers are used when you want garish and pronounced lips for stage shows and glamour events,

Here are some practical tips for applying lip gloss:

  • If you want to make your lips look fuller and firmer, apply the gloss on the center of the mouth,
  • Always avoid matte lipsticks from over drying and flaking by using a good lip primer or a preservative,
  • Do you want to look bold and sexy? Special effects and accented highlights are achieved by using boldly colored silver, gold or luminescent gloss over your primary lip color.
  • For special evening parties and events, use something that is subtle, yet well defined. Match the gloss color to that of your evening dress,
  • Choose a lip shine enriched with Vitamin E. But make sure that you use lip balm before applying lipsticks so that you can retain the moisture on your lip layers, while providing much needed nourishment for a healthy looking pair of lips,
  • If you want make your lips look wet and moist, first use a good creamy lipstick and later add a convenient lip gloss that has the character of lending a wet and moist feeling.

If you want to impart magical effects to your lips, make sure that you use a good lip gloss that is organic in composition, and devoid of any harsh synthetic chemicals. Buy a good lip gloss today, and make yourself attractive and presentable to your friends and colleagues.